Dr. Smitha Prabhakar is a soul-based Entrepreneur, Speaker and Founder of Auracle Wellness. After choosing to follow her heart, and following her intuition, aligned to her soul's purpose, Dr. Smitha is passionate about sharing her awakenings and stories with others.

With a focus on Corporate Wellness, Personal Empowerment, Intuitive Development and Energy based solutions, she empowers socially conscious change-makers that are ready to create an authentic life aligned to their soul purpose.

As a successful serial entrepreneur, musician, songwriter and filmmaker, Dr. Smitha believes if you operate through intuition and creative flow in both business and life you can create an easier path towards your soul purpose. Her soul-connected approach to her coaching and teaching work allows her to provide faster aligned results for her clients.

She combines her 20+ years’ experience as a fitness based Energy Alchemist combining various Meditation techniques, Propagating & Embracing Wellness through super quick and holistic natural solution yet incorporating time tested teaching, coaching & wellness mentoring work. With her qualifications as a Meditation facilitator and Wellness Expert, Dr. Smitha blends mindfulness, self-care techniques, intuitive development, and soul-based solutions to provide conscious entrepreneurs with the blueprint and clarity they need to accomplish their Life's purpose.

Are you ready to take a soul-approach
to your life or business?

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