We focus on developing key areas of an Individual, which will also result in a culture of Happiness & Success in their Personal and Professional Lives

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In a world where stress levels are soaring, mindfulness & meditation is the medication! Through these sessions, you will practice and improve your techniques in a supportive environment. By the end of each group or individual sessions, you feel calm and rejuvenated energetically with positive thoughts and attitude.

Book a complimentary session with Dr. Smitha Prabhakar to experience the benefits of mindfulness & meditation.


Fun@work doesn’t result simply in smiles and laughs–it brings a tangible increase in workplace happiness and productivity. It also helps individuals perform better, in almost every aspect of their lives.


Our fun & happiness @ work programs are designed to engage your team, change mindsets and inspire new and innovative ways of working.


Humans have seven centers of energy meridians, that move inside of us and it is important to keep these energy centers well balanced to live a healthy and harmonious life. A person’s energy levels will be thoroughly examined through our state-of-the-art equipment, find blockages and congestion, and if any will be located, suitable therapies will be recommended.


One to one sessions is the optimal way to adapt wellness to the individuals. It allows for the holistic and therapeutic applications to be fully explored. A one to one session allows an objective, non-judgmental space in which individuals can talk freely and openly about the concerns and situations, which worry them; guided, all the while, with valuable insights and solutions provided.


It commences with the State of the Art Hi-tech Energy Analysis and based on the results, and the wellness consultation, we provide necessary solutions and guidelines.


We take care of your company's most important asset - IT'S PEOPLE, breaking down holistic wellness, making it attainable and accessible for everyone. It Improves employee productivity and promote greater teamwork, employee morale and efficiency.


Our Corporate Wellness Program(s) includes carefully structured path-breaking training programs, workshops and individual sessions especially designed to cater to employees in a way where we address their mental, emotional and physical well-being, enabling optimal results and a positive, harmonious environment not only in work but also in every area of their life!


By starting a corporate wellness program, corporations are able to:

  • Improve the overall workforce productivity

  • Retain employees; keeping them happy, healthy and productive

  • Reduce healthcare costs

  • Reduce absenteeism and sick leave


At Auracle Wellness, we offer effective Corporate Wellness programs customized to cater to individual employee’s needs. We provide education on the importance of yoga, mindfulness, whole-food nutrition and general well being. With immediate results and long-term benefits, we help your employees function at peak capacity, ultimately benefiting your bottom line.


Book now for a complimentary visit to your facility to analyze and to suggest the right wellness package based on your needs, staff strength etc. Our offer can also be customized for groups and individuals focusing on —performance, recovery, weight loss, muscle growth, daily essentials, and digestion health.

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